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The Old Barn

When the Bahringer's bought Fog's End in 2001, The Barn was already a 105 year old historic metal-sided barn that was used to house cattle when the property was a fully operating dairy farm.  The farm was part of the Harmony Creamery Association.  The barn has now been renovated with paver flooring, lighting throughout, a restroom, drop-down chandelier, wood-fired stove, and a full sized pool table.  A large wooden covered patio on the west side completed the renovation.  Before the barn was offered for use to the community and for rental, it was used for an annual family and friend reunion Barn Dance every year (And still is!).  If you walk out to the barn at sunrise, you are likely to see one of the resident barn owls come flying out as you approach.  It has all the rustic charm of an old historic barn yet with lighting, flooring etc, cleans up quite nicely for events of any kind. 

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Planting Grapes 2006 027
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Planting Grapes 2006 026
Planting Grapes 2006 037
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